M-Bar Ranch

March 26, 2014

Andrews and Odessa, TX

M-Bar Ranch… A really good West Texas Ranch conveniently located in Andrews and Ector Counties between Andrews and Odessa, Texas just west of Hwy 385 and only 40 minutes from Midland, Texas. This 9,039+ acre property is a true cow ranch that has been leased out for the past several years by an exceptional Lessee whom has properly and impressively managed the ranch; the grass and pastures are in great condition as we move into the spring. A huge plus to this ranch regarding a grazing plan is the fact that the draws and buffalo wallows create the ideal area that gather and hold moisture maintaining the grass for longer periods. The fences are in excellent shape with the ranch being fenced and cross-fenced into 4 pastures. This ranch is well watered by 7 properly functioning windmills, submersibles, and a solar water-well.Wildlife and recreation on the ranch is great with some exceptional mule deer: not being uncommon to harvest one in the 180 to 200-class range. This ranch also provides for some really excellent quail and dove hunting with the bonus wildlife being the predators located on the M Bar Ranch.

Access:A paved road at the North entrance provides access to the ranch.

Ranch and Hunting License Agreement:
The grazing and hunting rights are currently leased with the following terms:
Five (5) Years – April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2014
$36,171.20 Annually
Either party may terminate with a 90-day notice
Owner has the option to terminate the lease upon sale of the property

Mineral Rights:
All mineral, oil, and gas rights are held by others; however, the Seller collects surface damage payments including payments related to the disposal of salt water ($0.10 per barrel disposed into the wells) and the recovery of skim oil. The owner is entitled to a royalty equal to 10% of the net revenues received by Lessee from the sale of skim oil and any other products recovered from the processing of disposal fluids. The minimum sum payable to Lessor from the disposal of produced water in the wells and the sale of skim oil and any other products recovered from the processing of disposal fluids is $7,500 per month.

Water Rights:All rights and privileges are retained for the full use and enjoyment of the water rights to drill and maintain wells already drilled for water utilized in the conduct of a ranching business as well as farm and domestic purposes. Another party holds the commercial water rights.

DISCLAIMER: This property offering is subject to prior sale, change in price, or removal from market without notice. While the information provided is deemed reliable, it is not guaranteed by Caleb Matott or CM Ranch Real Estate.